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2009 Opportunity to Learn Education Summit

2009 OTL Summit
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The 2nd Annual Opportunity to Learn Summit: Building a National Movement to Close the Opportunity Gap is designed to provide a platform for philanthropic partners, grassroots community advocates, federal and state policymakers, youth organizers and researchers to share critical advocacy strategies, funding approaches and networks to build a state and national movement to provide all students an opportunity to learn.

The Summit’s interactive sessions will provide a unique, powerful framework focused on the resource accountability that is the essential underpinning for systemic reform. During the Summit, participants will also analyze ways to integrate resource accountability standards into federal and state education reform frames, highlighting grassroots public will-building and tools to implement policies that yield higher returns on public and private sector education investments.

The platform provided by the National Opportunity to Learn Education Summit will strengthen public, private, grassroots and grasstops collaborations and build momentum to make a larger systemic impact with philanthropic partnerships. By working together, we can build the networks needed to guarantee every child a fair and substantive opportunity to learn and fully participate in our democratic society.

Access to a high quality public education should be a protected federal right, not an individual privilege.Yet, in the United States, inequities in educational opportunity exist on many levels, including those of race, class, gender, language, migrant and disability status. Research shows, however, that from one generation to the next, equitable access to high-performing public schools can break these barriers. Providing all students a fair and substantive opportunity to learn is critical if our end goals are systemic education reform, transformative innovation, consistent progress, increased participation in our democratic society and global leadership in a knowledge-based economy.

“The success of our nation is directly tied to the educational opportunities provided to future generations. Students must be given every possible opportunity to achieve their full academic potential.”

—Congressman Chaka Fattah
United States House of Representatives
Opportunity to Learn Commission Press Conference
March 20, 2009

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